Bizi Dig Pro Card


Bizi Dig custom design including your color logo Card is the #1 most popular smart card on the planet. This will be the last business card you ever buy…
This premium Bizi Dig card comes with built in Bizi Dig NFC technology + dynamic QR code for instant sharing at any time.


Impress your future connections and prospects with the fastest, most effective way to share information. 

Bizi Dig cards replaces outdated paper business cards with a streamlined technology that enables quick connections, contact sharing, analytics, CRM integrations, business card scanning and more!

Our scratch-resistant matte finish polyvinyl Bizi Dig cards are NFC embedded and QR-equipped for a quick way to connectBizi Dig PVC black Cards for All NFC-Enabled Smartphones and Devices. Build your page in our app, and you’ll connect it to your card once it’s delivered. The other person does not need the app to receive your information.

This is our branded card that features the following:

  • We Add your Full color logo and a fantastic design on the business card and QR code on back side of card
  • NFC/RFID Enabled
  • Powerful templates to design and update your card yourself
  • Lead Capture form
  • Sell Products
  • Collects payments
  • Book Appointments
  • Social Media links
  • Custom Links
  • Add Photos
  • Add your logo inside the QR code
  • QR Code for older phones
  • Works with Apple and Android
  • Design and control panel access once account setup
  • Free Shipping and Ships within 48hrs

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